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Valentino Lanús (born May 3, 1975 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal) is a Mexican actor.


Valentino's parents are Margarita and Luis Alberto. Valentino is the second of four siblings, and is also the only male. He began his career as a model, and later enrolled in Televisa's CEA (Centro de Educación Artística). It was then when telenovela producer Carla Estrada invited him to participate in some episodes of María Isabel (1997), alongside Adela Noriega.
He later received roles in Amor Gitano (1999), La Casa en la Playa (2000) and Pedro Damian's Primer amor... a mil por hora (2000), where he played Imanol Jáuregui Tasso, alongside Ana Layevska, Anahí, Kuno Becker, and Sebastián Rulli. His charisma and acting style placed him among the favorites.
Soon after, Valentino participated in the telenovela El Juego de la Vida (2001), where embodied Juan Carlos Domínguez, a coach of girl's football. Around that time, he began dating Jacqueline Bracamontes. He also acted in Amar Otra Vez (2003) and Inocente de Ti (2004) as Julio Alberto Castillo Linares, opposite Camila Sodi, and Karla Monroig. He also appeared in Alborada (2005) as Martín Alvarado. He had the lead role in the telenovela Amar Sin Limites with Karyme Lozano.
He is a professional photographer and passionate traveler, who will exhibit his work of over 15 years in Madrid at the end of 2011.
He is also a producer of various TV shows and movies. His last venture is called "Artesanos", a promising film by creator Santiago Pando, a famous mystic, well known for having been the brain behind the successful political campaign that placed Vicente Fox as the first Mexican President to win over 80 years of the ruling party PRI.


2012: Amor Bravío ... Luis
2010- 2011: Llena de amor .... Emmanuel Ruiz y de Teresa Curiel
2008: Las tontas no van al cielo .... Patricio Molina Lizárraga
2007- 2008: Amar Sin Limites .... Diego Morán
2005: Alborada .... Martín Alvarado
2004: Inocente de Ti .... Julio Alberto
2004: Amar Otra Vez .... Daniel Suárez González "Loving Again"
2003: Mariana de la noche .... Javier Mendieta
2001: El Juego de la Vida .... Juan Carlos Domínguez
2001: Primer amor... tres años después .... Imanol Jáuregui Tasso
2001: Mujer, casos de la vida real "Corazón de puerto"
2000: Primer amor... a mil por hora as Imanol Jáuregui Tasso (2000–2001)
2000: La casa en la playa .... Miguel Ángel Villarreal
1999: Mujeres engañadas .... Manuel
1999: Amor gitano .... Patricio
1997:- 1998 Maria Isabel .... Antonio

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Un GRAN admirador de "Amar sin limites" y de la maravillosa KARYME LOZANO <3 Embarassed
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